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Barberino and the surrounding area offer a plethora of cultural riches, and it would be remiss not to provide visitors to this part of the world with all the information necessary to make the most of their trip here. That said, we realize that reading text on the web can often be a tiring, uncomfortable experience. For this reason, we have decided to give visitors to this site the opportunity to download and print this information, so that they can read it at their leisure that way, they are sure to develop a better appreciation of the true beauty of this wonderful corner of Tuscany.

The guide contains descriptions of the history and culture of the area and gives information on what you can do as a tourist here (excursions, guided tours, etc.) The guide also provides detailed information on the services and amenities in the area (transport, restaurants, shopping, useful telephone numbers, etc.)

Print our complete guide

Le Stelle del Chianti would like to thank the municipal authorities of Barberino Val d'Elsa for the materials and help offered for the creation of this portal.